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Youth Empowerment Through Songwriting

By EmmaG
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About Youth Empowerment Through Songwriting

About EmmaG

Hailing from New Zealand, Youth Empowerment through Songwriting coach Emma G is an award-winning youth-worker [YMCA / Chimney Corners Camp for Girls / Nature’s Classroom] and singer/songwriter/musician. Born with a rare neurological condition called hydrocephalus, Emma G has survived ten brain surgeries, and found that songwriting not only helped her recover from brain trauma and redevelop lost parts of her brain function, but also helped her to understand, process and thrive from the emotional and mental health repercussions of her condition.Of course, Emma G is no stranger to the other difficulties that come with teenage-hood, so this four week program is especially put together to help your teenager step into their vulnerability, recognize the power of their truth, and cognitively shift disempowering thoughts and feelings into positivity and determination.

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