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The Reconnect with your Teenager podcast

Welcome to “Reconnect with Your Teenager,” the podcast that offers insights and strategies for parents looking to strengthen their relationship with their adolescent and teenage children.

Join Emma G as she talks with other professional coaches, therapists, educators, and mentors who all offer their own insights and strategies for strengthening your relationship with your teenager.

You are not alone in your journey as a parent. In fact, the challenges you face with your adolescent and teenaged children are completely normal post-pandemic. The Gen Z teenager is unlike any other generation, so it’s important to recognize that we need to guide, mentor, coach, parent and teach them differently.

As a society, we often forget that the teenage years are a period of immense growth and transformation for both the child and the parent. It’s a time where we need to adapt our parenting approach and be intentional in how we guide, mentor, coach, parent and teach our teenagers throughout this season of change.

The “Reconnect with your Teenager” series is where youth empowerment coach and musician: Emma G offers a space for experts and professionals to share their stories, suggestions, and strategies for parents who are ready to embrace vulnerability and courage, and learn to connect with their teenager/s in a deeper and more meaningful way.

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