California Love

              Hey friends! I’M BACK!!! Gosh, where do I even begin?? It’s been a crazy wonderful week. I arrived into LAX last Tuesday, played a show at The Mint and was THRILLED at the response!! I even had a local photographer offer his services, and – I’m not gonna lie […]

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I’m in California!

Hey friends! I’M IN CALIFORNIA!!! FINALLY!!! After a wonderful (Tuesday) morning – much to the confusion of the locals – at Foggy Bottom, I had a wonderful flight through Houston, Texas and finally arrived into LA at 11pm local time (2am in DC – I’m exhausted!!). I fell asleep on both flights, of course, but […]

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I’m Going on Tour!

                        Hey friends! With so much going on at the moment, (especially this CRAZY weather – keeping in mind, I’m from New Zealand, and NOT used to this!!), I’m REALLY excited to be hitting the road NEXT WEEK and starting my first California Mini […]

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FlightBoy Life

Hey friends! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! And HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!! Hope you’ve all had a fantastic week thus far – I know I am cos I’m not sick anymore! *REJOICE!* Though I AM exhausted… I only had one hours sleep lastnight! (sorry mum – I promise I mostly take good care of myself!) Why? I spent lastnight in […]

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I’m Sick!! :-(

Hey friends! Well, I’ve held off long enough, but it seems my immune system has decided to cave in to the cold (even though it’s not that cold) season. I’m a little upset – but THIS WILL NOT HOLD ME DOWN! Friday I popped down to the Washington DC Superior Courthouse to perform for their […]

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Are YOU feeling MIGHTY?!

Hey friends! I’m back from Atlanta – and man, am I glad to come back to warm weather! Given that it was Presidents Day on Monday, I headed out to metro center yesterday morning – and Foggy Bottom (of course) this morning, and couldn’t believe that I could take my jacket off comfortably! What the […]

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Hey friends! GOSH! Where do I start? It’s been a strange few days. I can’t remember if I’d told you, but I’ve been chatting with a guy from Interscope Records over the last few months, and was meant to meet with him the last time I was in LA. I contacted him, and he took […]

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Hey friends! Hope you’re having a fantastic week thus far! I took the day off yesterday to get some much needed paperwork done, and do a few fun things including VISITING THE PENTAGON!!! Huge shout out to my L’Enfant Plaza friend Gregory for the personalized tour, as he took me around the Pentagon and showed […]


I’m back!

And what a whirlwind it’s been already! I arrived to BWI airport on Tuesday morning (damn redeye flights!!) and headed straight home to sleep / attempt jetlag recovery before performing at the Cherry Blossom Festivals first event: “Sing into Spring” at the Atlas Performing Arts Theater. I’m still waiting on confirmation about whether I’ll be […]

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