I’m Going on Tour!

                        Hey friends! With so much going on at the moment, (especially this CRAZY weather – keeping in mind, I’m from New Zealand, and NOT used to this!!), I’m REALLY excited to be hitting the road NEXT WEEK and starting my first California Mini […]

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FlightBoy Life

Hey friends! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! And HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!! Hope you’ve all had a fantastic week thus far – I know I am cos I’m not sick anymore! *REJOICE!* Though I AM exhausted… I only had one hours sleep lastnight! (sorry mum – I promise I mostly take good care of myself!) Why? I spent lastnight in […]

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I’m Sick!! :-(

Hey friends! Well, I’ve held off long enough, but it seems my immune system has decided to cave in to the cold (even though it’s not that cold) season. I’m a little upset – but THIS WILL NOT HOLD ME DOWN! Friday I popped down to the Washington DC Superior Courthouse to perform for their […]

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Are YOU feeling MIGHTY?!

Hey friends! I’m back from Atlanta – and man, am I glad to come back to warm weather! Given that it was Presidents Day on Monday, I headed out to metro center yesterday morning – and Foggy Bottom (of course) this morning, and couldn’t believe that I could take my jacket off comfortably! What the […]

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Hey friends! GOSH! Where do I start? It’s been a strange few days. I can’t remember if I’d told you, but I’ve been chatting with a guy from Interscope Records over the last few months, and was meant to meet with him the last time I was in LA. I contacted him, and he took […]

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Hey friends! Hope you’re having a fantastic week thus far! I took the day off yesterday to get some much needed paperwork done, and do a few fun things including VISITING THE PENTAGON!!! Huge shout out to my L’Enfant Plaza friend Gregory for the personalized tour, as he took me around the Pentagon and showed […]


I’m back!

And what a whirlwind it’s been already! I arrived to BWI airport on Tuesday morning (damn redeye flights!!) and headed straight home to sleep / attempt jetlag recovery before performing at the Cherry Blossom Festivals first event: “Sing into Spring” at the Atlas Performing Arts Theater. I’m still waiting on confirmation about whether I’ll be […]

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Hey friends! I know. Normally I wouldn’t email you this early in the week, BUT because it’s MLK day, AND inauguration week, AND I’m heading to LA tomorrow for two weeks of musical adventure (yay!)… I wanted to let you know that FINALLY my music video for SUPERHERO is HERE!!! For those of you unaware […]

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Happy New Year!

Hey friends! Happy New Year!! How was your holiday break? I got back from Iowa just before NYE and celebrated with some close friends of mine at the 9.30 club. It was an awesome night, and excellent way to kick off what’s already looking to be an insane new year!! Firstly, the FIRST official weekly […]

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