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Combining the powers of music and public speaking to deliver high impact presentations, workshops, and teambuilding activities to inspire, motivate, empower and create a positive company culture

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Make Your Next Event Unforgettable with Emma G

Are you on the lookout for something extraordinary to elevate your upcoming event? Look no further. Emma G, a globally acclaimed TEDx and keynote speaker, brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic presence to every gathering. With over a decade in the field, she's not just a speaker but a catalyst for positive change and inspiration.

Emma’s expertise spans a diverse range of topics, from the intricacies of music education to the nuances of effective communication and professional development. She’s graced platforms for esteemed organizations such as the YMCA, Access Radio New Zealand, Pennsylvania School Board, DC Family Youth Initiative, Washington Adventist University, University of Virginia, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, The Author Incubator, and DC and Montgomery County Councils leaving a lasting impact at each event.

What sets Emma G apart is her commitment to customization. She understands that each audience is unique, and tailors her presentations and workshops to align perfectly with the needs and aspirations of her clients. Whether it’s a solo presentation, a lively panel discussion, or an engaging team-building workshop, Emma ensures that every moment is relevant, insightful, and memorable.

We also offer the flexibility to incorporate specific topics or questions you’d like Emma to address during your event. Just let us know your requirements, and we’ll work closely with you to craft a session that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Choose Emma G for your next meeting, conference, or event, and get ready to witness a transformational experience that your audience will talk about long after the event concludes. Let’s make your next event not just impactful, but truly unforgettable.

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In your search for a speaker who not only engages but also leaves a lasting impact, look no further. Emma G, a TEDx speaker, keynote speaker, singer/songwriter, and empowerment coach, offers an extraordinary experience. Her presentations are a dynamic blend of motivational speaking and music, designed to captivate audiences while delivering powerful messages of
Emma’s unique approach is a fusion of the compelling speaking styles of icons like Oprah, Brené Brown, Michelle Obama, and Mel Robbins, combined with the musical influences of Adele, Alicia Keys, Alanis Morrissette, and Pink. This distinctive mix ensures that her presentations resonate with a wide and diverse audience, transcending conventional boundaries, and ensuring your attendees remember key messages and lessons.

With Emma G, your audience won’t just be listening; they’ll be experiencing a journey of inspiration and motivation, perfectly pitched to tap into the universal desire for personal and professional growth. Prepare for an event that will not only entertain but also profoundly transform the way your audience views themselves and their potential.

Presentations can be done both virtually and in person.

Emma G is fully vaccinated.

Emma G is perfect to speak for all audiences – from middle school through to women’s retreats to entrepreneurial retreats.

Emma G has packages available that include:

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Henrik - Emma G
“I really enjoyed being on your show and sharing my passion for understanding the mind and our awareness, how to use them properly to concentrate, and incorporate all this into our everyday life to live our life to the fullest. I also enjoyed you as an interviewer and the energy you share by being you and all the good you undoubtedly do for our teenagers out there!”
Henrik Jönsson
Yoga and Mindfulness Coach
Saundra - Emma G
“Recently, I had the opportunity of being a guest on Emma G’s podcast “Reconnect with your Teenager” to discuss mother daughter relationships and my book, Make It Stop! A Young Woman’s Guide to Overcome or Prevent Dating Abuse. It was such an enlightening experience working with Emma who personality and sweet spirit not only made it fun, but provided information to you audience in a way to connect with them keeping them engaged.
Her musical talents are outstanding. I love how she uses music to help reconnect with teenagers the same way I use teaching parents how to communicate and effectively listen to their teens to build a connection with them. It was a pleasure to work with Emma G. and I look forward to working with her again in the future. Continue doing the work you do it is so needed. Happy to have you as a comrade in this journey of helping our teens become all they can be.”
- Saundra J Golden
Mother-Daughter Relationship Coach, Speaker & Author of Make It Stop!
3 - Emma G
“It was great to chat with Emma G so wonderful to see someone use their talent of music, passion, and bounding positive energy for good.”
Tyler Copenhaver
2 - Emma G
“Working with Emma during the podcast and being a guest was like a breath of fresh air. The energy she brings and the warmth and openness she spreads while on air are just amazing. Her questions were great and her reactions brought light to the conversation that could have gone the other way as mental health, and brain health of teens is a serious subject. It was truly an honor to be your guest Emma hopefully we will get a chance to work together again.
Your Brain Coach D
1 - Emma G
“I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Emma G’s podcast “Reconnect with your Teenager” to talk about my book The Power of PR Parenting. Not only is Emma G a fun and engaging host, but she is also a great musical talent.
I love that she is using her amazing talent to help today’s teens build confidence through music, which is also a core component of PR Parenting. Brava Emma G!”
Marjie Hadad
PR Pro, Coach, Speaker & the Author of The Power of PR Parenting
On Tuesday October 10, 2023 my Co-Curricular: Audio class at Howard University had the immense pleasure to host artist, activist, engineer and inspirational soul Emma G. She shared experiences of triumph, loss, pain and breakthrough that gave my students insights on how to traverse not just the world as a creative artist, but in life as well. Sharing testimonies, jokes, techniques and riveting performances, Emma was able to connect and engage with the entire room. It is my wholehearted opinion that Emma G's voice is a much needed addition to any space, from the stage to the classroom and beyond.
Shane Lewis
Adjunct Lecturer, Howard University
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