Reconnect with and Empower your Teenager with the Magic of Music
Are you looking for new ways to connect with your teenager in a way that will completely revolutionize your relationship, as well as help them to understand themselves better?

Do you want to use this time well, and create something that will last a life time?
I work with kids to tap into their beautifully creative selves to turn their struggles into their own anthemic songs, and learn life lessons of resilience, optimism and self love.

Why? Because after a long history of health issues, brain surgeries, battles with depression and suicide, drug addiction, and sexual assault, I've still found the inner strength to come out the other side positively: singing my truth.

And, now, I want to show your teenagers how to harness their own creative genius to do the same. “Things that happen to us don’t make us who we are, but we all need to overcome struggles. What better way to do that than by turning your struggle into an empowering song?.”

“I want to help young people rediscover their power - and their voice - through their own music too. Songwriting has saved my life - and I know it can save your teenager's life too"
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