Youth Empowerment Through Songwriting:
The Four Week Online Course

Imagine your teenager finally being able to find the right words to communicate with you effectively?

What would it be like for your teen to figure out how to reduce the impact of their overwhelming thoughts and feelings every day?

What would you do to have your stressed and anxious kid return back to their happy, fulfilled and content selves?

Youth Empowerment Through Songwriting

In this four-week / fourteen-video-series online program, your teenager will:

  • Develop a creative and effective toolkit for navigating their overwhelm and anxiety
  • Increase their communication skills with you, and their community
  • Significantly increase their confidence and self-awareness
  • Learn how to cognitively reframe difficult feelings and traumatic events into anthems of strength and resilience
  • Increase their memory, and academic performance


YES Youth Coaching is a completely new approach to helping teenagers navigate adolescence and PTSD in a post-pandemic world: using the therapeutic benefits of music and songwriting combined with safe, creative and effective youthwork practices and guidance.

This four week online self-directed program is set up to assist your teenager in writing their life’s empowering theme song in a safe space that honors their creativity, vulnerability, and budding masterpieces. Over the four weeks, your teenager will receive

  • Fourteen self-directed video lessons
  • Worksheets to facilitate their learning
  • A weekly group Q&A and coaching call for the four week duration
  • Open door communication via email and WhatsApp
  • An effective toolkit for navigating stress, anxiety and overwhelm
And YOU will receive a bonus digital copy of my book “Reconnect with Your Teenager: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Stressed or Anxious Kid Through the Art of Songwriting”


Introducing Your Course Instructor...

Picture of Emma G

Emma G

Hailing from New Zealand, Youth Empowerment through Songwriting coach Emma G is an award-winning youth-worker [YMCA / Chimney Corners Camp for Girls / Nature’s Classroom] and singer/songwriter/musician. Born with a rare neurological condition called hydrocephalus, Emma G has survived ten brain surgeries, and found that songwriting not only helped her recover from brain trauma and redevelop lost parts of her brain function, but also helped her to understand, process and thrive from the emotional and mental health repercussions of her condition.

Of course, Emma G is no stranger to the other difficulties that come with teenage-hood, so this four week program is especially put together to help your teenager step into their vulnerability, recognize the power of their truth, and cognitively shift disempowering thoughts and feelings into positivity and determination.


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