How to Homeschool Your High School Teenager

We live in a society where people are still striving for the American Dream, and learning in a high school education system still based on 18th century learning pedagogies. We work hard, get an education and then find ourselves working at someone else’s discretion- building their dreams – usually because it’s assumed that they have more experience or know how than us!

The way we were raised expected this of every child growing up; it’s what we considered makes them successful members within their community… to become the kind of adult who, once graduating school: wakes up everyday, works a 9 to 5, tries to maintain some semblance of a social life, goes home, sleeps and repeats. But now, in 2022, there needn’t be any limitations on your potential except those you set yourself – especially when thinking about life after graduation. The limits for the potential of a high school student potential are endless.

Home Schooling High School

When home-schooling high school students; homeschool parents sometimes struggle to find a learning style that works for them and their children. In traditional education, it’s assumed that teenagers prefer lectures, others games or even Q&A sessions – but all these learning styles have limitations in the homeschool high school environment where there is often no one else around to teach it besides yourself, as the homeschool parents. Further, even in the public school system: these educational activities often fail to encourage critical thinking skills and proper college preparation for high schoolers.

High school students whose education relies solely on quizzes, Q&A’s and lectures are missing out. Quizzes and Q&A’s in particular focus more on regurgitating information than providing a space for learning where a high school level student can process what has been taught with understanding, before responding accordingly, and with comprehension.

Lectures aren’t always enough when it comes down to absorbing knowledge in an effective manner because there is rarely an opportunity given by this mode of instruction that allows students to get detailed explanations to their questions, or produce new ideas while being guided through content they may already know thoroughly, as one might through conversational brainstorming exercises, or creative writing assignments.

Introducing creativity to the homeschool high school curriculum can improve student performance in many ways.

High School Students

We all have a creative side, but many people don’t realize the importance of tapping into it – especially during our high school years. The frontal cortex of our brain is home for short term memories, and because creativity boosts memory retention, you’ll find that when we involve music into homeschool activities, high school students’ skills improve across the board- including literacy, comprehension, language arts, art appreciation, and math. Creativity also significantly increases motivation levels in students, boosts serotonin and dopamine levels, creates a bond between students and their work, and increases a teenagers’ likelihood to explore and take ownership of their independent learning.

Creative thinking has been shown to be an effective way of learning new skills, habits or knowledge because it engages our brain in different parts that would otherwise stay inactive. Furthermore when those diverse areas of the brain are being stimulated simultaneously: literal growth can occur within those regions within the brain: including memory retention and brain cognition.

In other words: by using creativity coupled with learning opportunities such as developing better communication, or language arts skills through songwriting; we can help stimulate and grow the brain function of your homeschooling high school student.

An individual’s full potential may never be fully realized unless we introduce creativity – especially songwriting – into the classroom.

But what’s this all got to do with 18th century learning pedagogies?

The world has changed. Technology has revolutionized our world, and created entire new industries, and a significant decrease in the ability to communicate effectively. To keep up with the changing landscape of today’s workforce, we need to teach young people how think outside traditional boundaries in order find their own success, and forms of expression. It is important that they think outside the box and be able to find answers, not just recite them. Create solutions, not just give up. Creative activities, like songwriting, also assists high school students to find their voice, and the right vocabulary to express their thoughts and ideas so much more easily than what we currently see happening right now, as social media and texting have trended towards most people not possessing basic communication skills anymore.

A civilization cannot survive if its members are unable to get creative, communicate effectively, think critically, and learn beyond the standardized tests mentality that seems to be the norm.

MadLibs are a great way to get your creative juices flowing! And what better than some fun, unique and super-creative songwriting challenges? I’ve put together a few different types of Mad Libs for you [or your homeschooling high school teenager] – to fill out, sing along to, and have fun with. They will challenge both teens’ imagination as well as literacy skills while having tons laughs along the way too boot!

Click here to download.

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