Empowerment through Songwriting : Ambition Burnout in 2022

This past week, I came across an article online that discusses how working in the year 2022 seems to be synonymous with mental health -, ambition -, and general life burnout. The impact that the pandemic has had on the workplace, [and therefore on workers] has been... significant.

And not in a good way.

Lack of support for:

  • Mental health [hello, Work-Life Balance and Stress]

  • Social health [nice to meet you, Social Isolation]

  • Emotional health [good to see you, Lack of Self Care and Fear-Mongering News]

... has been difficult to say the least. Of course, the impact of the pandemic was only exacerbated by the political and social upheaval of the likes of George Floyd, numerous climate change issues, and the intense aftermath of Trump's presidency: especially for minorities, queer folk, and POC.

It's as if the past two and a half years have been more about survival in crisis, and less about thriving or success.

Many of us are familiar with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, wherein the bare basics of what we need to survive are air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing, and reproduction. The unfortunate reality is, however, that for many people around the world: several of these bare necessities have been threatened time and time again - especially since March 2020.

I mentioned in my TEDx Talk back in March of 2022 that one of the effects of the pandemic on our youth, in particular, has been insomnia due to stress and anxiety. However, the implications of financial stress on parents and other adults simply trying to survive has been affected even further.

To Survive? Or Thrive?

CNBC reported that in 2020 alone: 30 - 40 million people across the United States were at risk of losing their homes. In 2021, over 3.2million homes relied on government assistance to help with housing costs. And so far in 2022: the housing crisis is still in full effect.

Employment-wise, the United States has had 2.55million people lose their jobs.

No wonder we are at a cross in the road when it comes to our ability to survive - let alone thrive.

Of course, research from the Resolution Foundation has shown that employment layoffs have far more affected young adults and minority communities.

It has undoubtedly been tough on both the economy, and businesses, but it's especially rough for workers, and for those who have worked hard most of their lives towards a career that once excited them... why? Because when you're having to focus on survival: happiness, a sense of success and balance, and even dreams of career growth and success seem... unrealistic at best.

Thankfully, there has been countless research on ways to inspire action, and reinstill a sense of purpose, ambition and hope. And it all starts with our approach to leadership. After all: leaders lead, they don't force.

And what better way to empower than through empathetic and creative example - such as songwriting?

Because here's a few secrets behind the power of music:

  • Music helps us to focus on community rather than competition.
  • Songwriting can alchemize our pain points into growth points.
  • Combining songwriting and music together provides an outlet for mental health, for emotional and social reconnection, and empowers people to take personal ownership over their roles both in and out of the workplace.

How do I know?

I've been writing music for over 25 years now, and as my musical career evolves: one thing I've found to hold true is that every time I look back at the songs I've written [from Fire Away to Be Brave]; each lyric serves to remind me a key part of why I do what I do, what my goals are, how I want to show up for the world, and - most importantly - why it's important to never give up. Not let myself drown in overwhelm or burnout.

When I wrote Together We Rise for The Author Incubator back in 2018: it served the same message, and achieved the same objective.

As I helped young singer-songwriter Sydney Witt channel her overwhelm and battle with anxiety and overwhelm into song: same again.

Creativity combats burnout and overwhelm.

Creativity reignites ambition.

Creativity can turn the aftermath of the pandemic into something inspiring, positive and growth-enhancing.

Especially in the year 2022.

Time is of the essence.

In order to ensure our Millennial and Generation Z workforce is not only thriving, but also helping your business to succeed: it's time to take action. Empowering your team with the tools, and ability to turn their burnout into a rally cry for balance, freedom and happiness is key.

Again: creativity might just be the ticket you're looking for.

Giving them the opportunity to turn their struggles into song. To turn their overwhelm into lyrics that reflect their honest truth. To alchemize the chaos of the pandemic into reminders for why their work [and existence in your businesses] is still important.

If you want to effectively lead your workers out of the burnout and into the post-pandemic light: the time is now. 

I have been facilitating work-place and organizational masterminds since before the pandemic: helping companies like yours to empower workers through the lens of songwriting and creativity.

If you're interested in learning more about how Empowerment through Songwriting can help you and your businesses, employees, and workplace culture: book a call with me here to learn more about how I can help.

I can't wait to work with you, and help your business, employees and workplace culture move from burnout and balance.

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